Feb 24, 2009

A Woman's Life.....

I just finished washing some clothes a while ago.....I am not feeling well these past few days I think i have a flu, It's been 4 days now but I have no choice but to do this. My husband has this kind of sickness too and then my kids....and then my mom who used to be washing clothes for us and taking care of my kids when I am doing some work. Now that my mom is sick too, I have to do some chores even I am not feeling better yet. Last night I did also massage my husband even I am not feeling well....He seems so tired. I wanted to lessen the pain or discomfort he's feeling that night. I think that helped! How I wish we could get better now, I wanted to feel better as well as my family so we could all be happy on my cousin in law's wedding on Saturday! You know how ecited am I right?


Sherry said...

wedding is fun gather together too

Sherry said...

wish you get well soon

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