Feb 20, 2009

Mommy Moments #7 Feeding Time

Mommy Moment Time!!! Im sorry Im late! Ahahhahah !

Yes feeding time....I am very thankful that I can be able to breast fed them because of so many benefits for both of us. We all know how important breastfeeding is and i am so proud I breastfed them!

My Son Ethan was breast fed since birth up to two years old....were always like this everyday! Sometimes he's drinking from his bottle if I am not around or when were in the mall or somewhere else where I can't able to breast feed him.

He started to eat at four months. He is so "matakaw"! He's crying there kasi ang bagal kong magsubo hehehheeh =)

Here's my daughter ISHI naman, she's breast fed too for 5 months lang. I was pregnant with Ethan that time so I have to stop breast feeding her. She's more flexible than Ethan, i can breast feed her or bottle feed without having a hard time . I was only pumping my milk from the office and storing it in the fridge so she have a milk for the whole day when I am not around. We were breastfeeding na kapag dumating na ko from work.

And there's she is nung 6 months na sya(blurry can't find the other pics e)...she started to eat solid when she's 4 months old like Ethan. Matakaw din but she didn't gain weight that much.

For more pics visit Me Little Angels!


earthlingorgeous said...

Uy Mommy Moments na pala hahahaha... gonna hunt for pics :D lol!

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Genejosh said...

ang galing mo naman kasi breastfed mo baby mo...i really love to breastfed my baby...u are giving something that no one could give.

Sherry said...

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Sherry said...

is hard to wean?

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Love the pictures! So cute! :)

Chris said...

yehey!! breastfeeding is really the best, isnt it? and nakaka miss ang bonding. sayang, wala akong pics with my 2 kids breastfeeding...

Twinkie said...

Inggit ako, 2 years kay Ethan? Wow!
Whenever Mia looks at our breastfeeding pictures, she gets really really happy. These pictures are for keeps talaga.

pehpot said...

Ang galing naman ng first photo.. so discreet.. sabi ko kay hubby piktyuran nya kame ni Chico while I am feeding him.. ayaw daw.. at baka ma expose..
buti Kayil was able to take some feeding time (si Kayil ang official photographer ko hehe)

Mommy Jes thanks for reading my
love letters
naku ewan ko ba with our boys, they don't want to show their soft side haha..

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