Feb 17, 2009

Mountain Climbing with my Hubby and Friends!

Last Valentine, my hubby asked me if I wanted to try mountain climbing (not because it's valentine, maybe it was just a coincidence that he asked that day but I am considering it as a valentine gift). Of course I said Yes, I wanted to experience it too! No definte date yet, we're still planning. I know there are lots of things to be considered before climbing up. We still need so many things to prepare. My hubby has a cousins who's been climbing and were planning to borrow stuff from her if ever. I have no idea what to bring and what to wear yet so we still need to research about it and ask help from experienced mountain climbers. Were you a mountain climber or has a experience about it? Please give me some advice and tips before we climb up! Thanks!!!!


Sherry said...

how about bottle of water? you will be thirsty. camera? snap pics?

Sherry said...

dont forget bring sport towel when you sweat you will need wipe them

Sherry said...

hey jes, check this http://namesherry.com/2009/02/do-you-believe-in-ghost.html

watch the video. I was the gal video before... you?

earthlingorgeous said...

naku sarap maghiking miss ko na tagal ko na di nagagawa ito.

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