Apr 28, 2009

Let's Prevent Swine Flu

Hello mommies out there, I'm sure as a mom like me, you're doing everything you can just to prevent this swine flu or swine influenza. I am also worried, of course who's not going to worry if it's very dangerous sickness. Let's just not loose hope, there is swine flu prevention we can ever do. God is always there for us. I wish we could get thru this, and I am praying that all of our family will be safe from this sickness.


Liza said...

Oh yes, I am very concerned too. First line of defense I can think of is taking vitamin C and getting enough sleep. At least me panlaban.

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jennyL said...

oo nga katakot yang flu na yan .. we should pray na d dumating d2 sa Pinas yon..

congrats sa pb buti dumating na sabi ko sayo maganda eh

Laine's Cutie Abode said...

hi jes,

me din takot sa N1H1 (swine flu). tos recently lang sa news diba may mga suspected cases na d2 sa pinas. Pray nlang tayo na ma stop or makahanap na sila ng lunas sa N1H1 tos ma stop na ang pag spread.

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