Apr 18, 2009

So Hot in Here!

The weather is so weird this year, it's too hot! My kids are always wet because of too much sweat. They are loosing their appetite. They seem not getting hungry, what they all wanted is to drink and drink cold water or juice. I am worried about their health, I think it's the weather is affecting their appetite. I am trying to serve them some of their favorite food so they will eat but no effect at all. If they keep on doing that what will happen to their heath then? I wish we could put air conditioning already even only inside our room. I pity my kids suffering from too much heat. Even my husband is complaining everytime he comes home from the office, but we don't have choice. We don't have budget for aircon yet. But soon in time if we have extra income, I'll put aircon first in my list.

My Birthday!

Our Wedding Anniversary