Apr 15, 2009

Ishi was Finally Enrolled in La Cabecera

I am so happy I finally enrolled Ishi at La Cabecera last Monday. Less worries and aside from that I want her to avail the free summer class for 2 weeks.

I hope she'll enjoy her first real school and hoping for the best results. I will try not to expect too much from my daughter, I will try to be more patient to her whenever I need to teach her or guide her with her assignments.
I was suggesting to my husband to buy a motorcycle so I can easily bring and fetch Ishi to school since it was just near our village. But of course hubby didn't agree to that so I have no choice but to ride a pedicab going to school everyday. I don't like to hire a school service for Ishi, I prefer to accompany her everyday. If possible I want to be near her every minute. But I don't think that's possible coz I still need to work at home. How I wish their school has CCTV like some other schools I know so I could see her every minute. I am a paranoid mommy, I am always afraid of something I don't actually know! I will suggest to that school to try virtual PBX so I could easily contact them if I wanted to talk to my daughter hehehehe. Am I too much? I think that's the least that I can do protecting my daughter while she's in school. At least they can already create their toll-fee number like most of the businesses have. That will help them promote their school too by just using 800 number. Most of the popular copmpanies using 800 number, I think it's about time for them to use this too. Anyway that is not actually my concern anymore, all I want is to make sure my daughter is safe in their school. And if ever i needed to talk to my daughter, I just wanted to make sure their lines is always available or atleast there are other means to contact them.


SunEGrl said...

Congrats on winning the Yoplait Get Active Prize Pack! I emailed you on Sunday and I'm guessing you didn't get it. Just email your address to me at denashops@yahoo.com.

Jona said...

it's exciting when our kids go to school especially when we see them learning.
got a tag for you http://jonathinks.blogspot.com/2009/04/purse-talk.html

Sherry said...

how much is the course? how old is she now?

here expensive for kids schooling and no cctv :(

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