Apr 27, 2009

How's My Life in Real Estate

I would like to congratulate myself for becoming a Realtor for a year last March! Hooray! It's been a year now and I can really say I have experienced lots of things being a Realtor. There were times that I really cried so hard when I first experienced not to close a deal. I feel so frustrated and devastated to myself. My husband is very supportive, he's always there to guide me to my new career and help me out with some sort of problems I am dealing with. Being a realtor is not that easy. Dealing with different people is my expertise but not with this area. I don't know why I am afraid but I think I am still lack of self confidence. I would like to improve myself, I 'd like to overcome my fear, boost my self confidence so I could help more people find their dream home. Aside from the fact that I'd like to earn more so I could buy all what I am dreaming to buy for my family, I also want to become a succesful Realtor someday. Build my own office, create my own name and build my own team. I'd like to have like Wilmington NC Real Estate that is supporting some projects too. Aside from selling houses they were also rescuing homeless animals.

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