Apr 1, 2009

Win a Yoplait Get Active Prize Pack

gaGood thing I visited Sherry's site "I luv Contest" today, she really loves to join contest and this one caught my attention. "Yoplait Get Active Prize Pack" Contest of SUNEGRL Loves to Shop. This pack includes a travel cooler (to take your yogurt on the road), a jump rope, a water bottle and an outdoor game set that includes a beach ball, paddle ball, Jai-Ali and a Frisbee. It was just an easy game to play....come and join us HERE.


Sherry said...

good luck with the contest :)

oh yeah I ask my friend about shipment from Philippines to Malaysia. it cost USD $37 using FEDEX, so expensive!!! maybe it cost coming here is expensive not cheap.I was asking only as saw she sellings tops and other stuff... she is filipino too.

Sherry said...

jes you got to go her blog to comment not my blog hehe...

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