May 7, 2009

Project No. 2 "Ishi's First School Experience" Digiscrapbook

Hooray! Last May 5, 2009 I have submitted my second photobook project to artscow. i will be expecting it soon three weeks after. Aside from that I also ordered 5 pieces 8*10 custom collage for only $.99 with free shipping! Can you imagine that freebie? Who will not use that priviledge? I did! I made 5 designs, 3 for my three nieces, 1 for my brother's family picture and the last page is for our granny. I am again very excited and can't wait to see the print out of my work! While waiting I am working with my next photobook entitled "Super Ethan Turns One". I'd like to use adobe photoshop in designing but I am not ready yet. I want to explore more in artscow's silverlight software first. I will be doing some projects in adobe soon. I have lots of projects in line but I have to earn money online first. You know what I am talking, as I've said to my previous post I am just earning money online because of my other expenses such this. And If I dont earn money from here then I don't have money to spent for my precious photobooks. Well I hope that not happens coz I am still trying very hard to earn. My blogger friend told me to sign up to earn in different companies she just gave me.

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