Apr 17, 2009

Children's Playground Visit

Yesterday, we went to Children's Playground in Manila with the kids. It's two ride from our village, 1 jeep to Monumento and LRT to UN Avenue. I decided to bring them there because it's too hot to stay and play at home. Unlike in the park, it's relaxing in there, you only have to pay 10 peso each for entrance and the kids will surely enjoy the slides. We stayed there for 3 hours and ete dinner at Jollibee. I actually have no budget for this, I just thought of bringing them there that time because I know Ishi really wants to go there and we have no time to bring them there this weekend because I have somewhere else to go. Parks and playground is my favorite place, If we only have that much extra, I will bring them there every weekend since it was their favorite place too. Actually, you don't have to spent a lot in there, but you know, everything has to be in the budget. We really need to think of an extra income for leisure. My extra earnings in blogging is for my photo book assignments. I was thinking of investing online and sign up for stable interest. I was just afraid to enter things I an not really sure of. But it's okay coz the kids are not longing for any expensive leisure as of the moment, they were contented playing in the park as long as it has slides. I just have to earn more so when they grew up they can also go to some places they will surely love like Disney Land. Oh, it's so nice to dream, I will surely prepare for that!


Genejosh said...

me too..I love to visit Hongkong Disneyland..sabay tayo..he..he..hope our dremz for our kids will come true

Here's my tag for u:


Genejosh said...

here's my email add: genefaith@yahoo.com...Yeah I'm interested nga sa artscow...

Sherry said...

hi jes, like to invite you join adgitize :) hehe.. now I am earning 0.27 yeah its less but its faster than going to read the email

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