Apr 28, 2009

How's My Day Today?

8:00pm, I just came home from Gilmore. I left 4 o'clock in the afternoon hurrying up to catch Servimax open. My digicam was busted, It can't be open, I don't know the problem and I am worrying so much for my precious adopted baby (adopted because I have my real babies). I just used it yesterday, I transfered my pictures to my computer and when I 'm about to use it yesterday when my personalized mousepad from artscow just arrived I can't open it anymore. I thought my battery was just empty so I waited till my battery has charged but still, can't be open. Argh! Now it's in Servimax and I have to wait for 7 days for diagnosis. Gosh, I will miss it! I hope it was just for repair and no need to change any parts coz if that happens aside from another "gastos" again, I'll be waiting for two months before I'll have it back again.
Sigh! That is another problem again. You know I am trying to make some sidelines so I could help my husband in some of our expenses and so I can buy what I need for myself but here I am again, thinking where in the hell will I get 6,000 if ever my camera's damage is the main board =(. I asked the receptionist if she had any idea what my cam's damage and she said it may be the main board or just the fuse. Oh how I wish it was just the fuse coz I don't have money to buy main board for 5,000 pesos yet! aAhhh! Lord please help me. I am so preoccupied with lots of I nonsense things. I am not supposed to think of these problems but they keep on coming in my mind. Yesterday I was so excited because I am waiting for my photo book to arrive and now I am a bit worried. Oh, I am trying everything just to earn extra money but surprise expenses keep on coming. Did I mention that aside from being realtor I am also selling books before? not anymore because architect (my supplier) seems so busy, I am also selling bags, and now cellphones and another thimngs that comes out in my mind is photo book making? What am I trhinking? Can I do this all? Yes I know I can, I am trying but most of all doing my best in selling house and lots. I hope I could get thru this, I hate thinking and worrying too much. I don't wanna add more wringkles in my face, I have nomoney to go back to Let's Face It! Gosh!

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Sherry said...

hi jes, how you doing? me become real estate too.. just kidding but I am helping my sis to rent out her place its been a month empty now :(.

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