Apr 19, 2009

Close Friends Reunion

Lovely Couple
Reymey and Christine

Grace, Me, Philip and Nikki at the Reception

Grace, Nikki and I at the Church

As I have said to my last post, Reymey, my classmate from college is going to get married and that was yesterday held at Sta. Quiteria Parish Church. I am so happy I attended, aside from seeing that special occasion of his life I was able to be with my close friends Philip, Nikki and Grace. Philip was staying in Thailand for a living and he was just having his vacation here. Nikki and Grace are my closest friends in college, their actually staying here the Philippines but we weren't able to see each other more often. Nikki is busy with her family now like I do and Grace is also busy finding a new job and still waiting for her Mr. Right. We were always teasing her, pushing her to get married already. But how can she able to do that is she don't even had a boyfriend. I forgot to tell her bout the online dating, I should tell her sometime and had her register in one of the dating sites like the one in miami singles. Miami Singles is a site where you can able to find your perfect match. Just simply register and fill up some information needed and you can choose from so many people looking for mr. and ms. right! I have known some people who found their true love in this kind of sites. I hope my friend would start this dating site so she could finally meet her guy.


Genejosh said...

Got a tag for you:))

my fave wedding songs

shydub said...

Hi jes, done registering to artscow, used your referral with the site you left in the comments.
Heres the email I used shrqz28@yahoo.com

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