Mar 10, 2009

I'm Joining Procrastination Challenge!

I am joining Procrastination Challenge by Debbie of Virtually Organized.
Through this I think I will be able to stop procrastinations (for the meantime) heheheh.

Here's what I am planning to do since January 2009:

I have already bought an extra cabinet for some of my kids' clothes. Their closet is very crowded so that is one of my project, to organize their cabinet.

My kids has a lot of toys, and their all over our room (we're staying in one room). We actually made a big cabinet for their toys but it's still not organize. Everytime they wanted their toy they just climb up and get what they want without returning it back to their proper places, sigh!
So this is my 2nd project (what a mess).... to organize their toys.
This is the toys cabinet, my computer table at the right side

Gosh, can you imagine how will I be able to organize that? head is aching now.
But aside from that, I wanted to wash my kids shoes and slippers... I started it now!

And those are my projects, hope to finish them all.....Good luck to me!!

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Sherry said...

hey jes how you doing? wow you are so organised

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