Mar 22, 2009

Friendly Blogger Award

This month is an award month for me....hehehhehe =) thanks to CHRIS for this award!

"Let's Spread the Spirit of Friendship to all the Blogosphere all over the World."

Here is the rules for this award :
1. Take a Photo or install one now .
2. Do not change clothes,do not trim the hair,the main image is to be captured (we want to see the real you...he..he..) .
3. Post a picture that is in edit .
4. Post this instructions (required).
5. Tag people to show appreciation to them that touch your heart because of their friendly attitude (required).

032209 / 11:13AM

I truly appreciate the friends I have met online... I am passing this friendly blogger award to these wonderful people who have become part of my blogging life.

Enchie of Sweet nOthings
Jona of A Time to Weep and A Time to Laugh
Sandi of Pregnant with Cancer
Pinaymama of PInaymama's DIary
Chris of Mommy Journey

My Birthday!

Our Wedding Anniversary