Mar 9, 2009

Excited and Worried.. Sigh!

I am so excited for my daughter Ishi, I've finally found a school for her. My husband and I decided to enroll her at La Cabecera Montessori after Holy Week. I think she enjoyed her sit in class last friday, she likes the ambience and the facilities.
I really wanted her to have a good school. I actually wante her to study in Enopi in Malabon but sad to say we cannot afford the tuition there that's why I am so glad I found La Cabecera. It's not that expensive compare to other Montessories. I hope this school will meet my expectations though. The tuition is cheaper than other Montessories but this is still a big amount for us. That is one of my worries.

I was thinking awhile husband's income is just enough for our daily needs and amortization of our condo. I am selling house and lots and I am proud that we will be getting my kids tuition fee from my commissions. We were saving my commission for Ishi and Ethan's future matriculation. We're lucky we have save some for this coming school year, I really need to work harder so we could sell atleast once a month. Soon Ethan will go to school also and we have to prepare for that too. Gosh, hope we could make it. They are my inspiration and strength so I think I have nothing to worry about.
I love seeing my kids happy....I love them to eperience what I haven't experience in my time. I wish all of my dreams for my family will come true.


Chris said...

hello jes! when you have God on your side, im sure He will always provide for your needs, just in time.

by the way, about the code you are asking, yung sa HTML code about grabbing a button.. ill YM it to you na lang...

pasensya na, tagal bago naka sagot ha. been busy and a bit sick eh...

Twinkie said...

Ayan may decision na pala. Jes, kahit saan pa mag-aral ang mga bata basta andiyan full support ninyo mag-asawa. :D

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