Mar 15, 2009

I Miss Being Preggy Again

Hey guys I am back from mountain climbing, we climbed 700-meter Mt. Sembrano in Antipolo for 2days and 1 night. I had so much fun, my husband and I still can't believe we survived climbing up that mountain. It is so hard but seeing the wonderful creation of God from up there.....its so fulfilling! I wanna go up again if given a chance. I will post my adventure maybe tomorrow because we've just arrived today and I am really sleepy and tired!
I just checked my email today and I am so excited bout what I have read.......Mary Anne, my boss in real estate and a friend is pregnant again!!!! Yahoo congratulations! I am so happy for you! You are truly blessed. I am also excited for you! You don't know how I miss having a baby. I really wanted to get pregnant again but since life is so hard now, we prefer not to have another baby for the meantime. I remember when we have known about my pregnancy with our first child, my husband and I were so excited though we're also afraid because that time hubby was still in college. I am so excited to buy things for her. I can't wait till I see her gender, my Ob-gyne advised me to take an ultrasound during my 7th month. Thank God I did wait because my Bosses in my work set a surprised baby shower for me! This is so unforgettable for a first timer mom like me, good thing I have a cool boss like them! My husband and I were so excited to open the gifts, we have received different things that a new born baby will be needing. I received a clothes, diapers, baby bedding, baby bottles and more! I can't believe we don't need to spend for all of these. We all know how expensive such stuff for babies isn't it? I didn't even buy a baby crib, my cousin gave me an old crib of her baby. We didn't buy almost of our baby's need. When she came out, we just put up a baby nursery for her inside our room. Until now, that baby nursery was still in our room. Having a baby is a fulfillment for a mom like me, I actually want two more babies but not planning about it yet. We're still focusing on their future. We have to be prepared, we want more babies but we also wanted them to have a good future and we are also concern about baby health. This is just our plan but whatever God's plan for us, we will accept it with joice and praise. God knows what is good for everybody right? I just really missed being pregnant again but I am not actually wishing for it by now.

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