Mar 13, 2009

Am I Ready for Mountain Climbing Tomorrow?

At last, I will experience one of the adventure I am dreaming of. I wanted to climb or hike a mountain. Yes, we will be going tomorrow! I am quite nervous I dunno if it is because of excitement or what. We already have somethings we will be needing up there. We borrowed tent, sleeping bag, water container adn ofcourse bags. We will be needing some de latas and bigas. We only need konti lang coz it's just an overnight adventure. Oh gosh I hope I could still endure the pagod going up there. Mabilis na ko hingalin because I don't have exercise here at home. Well good luck to me then.

I prepared somethings I'll be needing like 2 pairs of shoes (i don't hav proper shoes yet I only have rubber shoes), jacket, socks, and undies. I dunno if we are going to take a bath in the morning pa but I did bring extra pamalit na lang pagbaba. Tootbrush, off lotion, alcohol if ever we dont take a bath ahahahha. Anyways were not going to stay that long, i think overnight is maikling panahon lang. I think I can do it, My hubby's there naman he will guide me if ever hehehheh =)

Oh gosh I am so excited, I wanna take pictures up there. I wanna eperience the fun mountaineers were talking about. If ever I had fun, I think we'll do this again. Good luck to me and to my husband! God Bless us!

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Genejosh said...

wow! love to experience mountain climbing too with my hubby...kelan pa kaya? anyway, yong Philip na teacher dito sa Thailand di ko kilala...where's his location? wh're in Hatyai, southern part of Thailand...malapit na kami sa border papuntang malaysia.
Good luck sa climbing nyo tsaka ingat.

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