Mar 19, 2010

Zoobic Safari Family Adventure

Two weeks ago, a week after our Tagaytay get away, we're in ZOobic Safari! Yeah we spent another weekend out of town. Not because we planned to go there, the truth is, we just had a chance to use MIL's (mother in law) innova. Hahahaha! MIL was out of town that weekend so we borrowed her car. We're suppose to go only in Ecopark in Quezon City but I suggested visiting Zoobic Safari now that we have chance of using the car. Zoobic Safari is a very fun zoo! This is the most entertaining and biggest zoo I've ever seen yet. I love the Animal shows they're rendering to all their visitors before having their tour. Their specialty were Tigers. There are lots of tigers there. They were sooo big! We as adults enjoyed every part of the zoo. I personally love the tiger safari where you can roam around the tiger's place. You were inside the cage instead animals in it. We were in a cage while inside the tiger's territory. I am just a bit frustrated because we didn't buy chicken to feed the tigers. Tigers didn't come near us because we don't have food to attract them. We were just looking on the other group feeding the tigers. That is so sad, we envy them so much but too late for they are not allowing us to buy anymore. We we're very concern at first of 200 pesos worth of chicken not knowing that it might brought happiness to our kids. I am frustrated...hope the next time we go there we will buy chicken already! Hays. Anyways..hope you guys buy chicken if you're going to visit these tigers.
At the end of the day, they have another set of entertainment...the ANIMAL PARADE where there are each kingdom's representative. The animals were all great and trained. They were lovely. I love to go back there sometime. Hope i could bring my nieces and nephew there too.

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