Mar 11, 2010

Early Summer Outing

Any plans for summer? We are planning to go to Ilocos this summer in God's permission...if we have enough resources. We are planning to stay in a hotel (just for experience) alone. Alone meaning we wanted to travel just the four of us, me, hubby and the two kids. Hope we could make it. We're wishing we could borrow a car so we could use it going to Vigan then Laoag then Pagudpud, Batac etc. We wanted to see the tourists spots in Laoag, my home for almost 7 years but never had a chance to visit those places.
Actually we already have our early summer outing last February, we we're just invited by my mom in law with her office mates. We went to Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club in Batangas and it's really beautiful! It's not fully developed yet but there are lots if things you can do already like kayaking, boating, snorkeling, swimming of course. Some amenities were still in progress for now, maybe the next time we go there again, one day will never be enough for more adventure.
Here's some of our photos during our stay......

For more photos just open my scrapbook HERE.


Sherry said...

me nov 31 yr old but chinese calendar say chinese is older one more yr mean 32 yr old :(

Sherry said...

now only I start to care skin as worry aging fast, I was told woman aging faster than man

Sherry said...

I add you blog to so I can find you :D

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