Mar 6, 2010

Tagaytay Weekend Getaway

Just got home from Tagaytay....not in the plan, just came out in my mind since hubby wants to bring the kids somewhere and I suggested tagaytay =)
It was fun! My kids really did enjoy it! I also enjoyed it very much even the two hour travel is fun especially if you're looking at the surroundings after SLEX.
We arrived there exactly for lunch, the we rented 2 horses for an hour.
My kiddos love it! They love it especially when the horse is running fast. My kids are very adventurous! They love trying new things. Next with horse back riding is CABLE Car.
My kids enjoyed it too! I thought they'll be scared but NO! They are more excited than us and they were complaining because they wanted more! Gosh! I was very amazed with my kids. I know hubby and I were both adventurous but I never thought that in their age they could able to do such things already =)
I love it! I really love it! Hope we could try more new and fun things in the future! =)


Sherry said...

I nearly give up on kaye contest as referal points so many but I not get many referral just started 2 only

Sherry said...

so fun with horses, here dont have.. I mean if have far away and charge expensive to ride

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