Mar 3, 2010

Done with my Driving Lesson

I am back again! Done with so many things....done with driving lesson but not yet with seminars. I availed 5 hour driving lesson and after that I thought I can drive already. But the last time I handled a stirring wheel with my hubby, I almost hit a car! What the heck!? I didn't feel any tense that day, I felt frustration instead...I feel like I haven't learned enough! I know driving is a hard thing to do...but I wanted to learn. I wanted to impress my husband that time coz I know I can already drive somehow but to my disappointment that incident happened! I am so sad. One thing I hate to admit is that, related person is hard to deal with if he's the one teaching you. First is that driving lesson cars has two breaks, whenever there's an incident like this the instructor can easily hit the break. Another thing about related person teaching you is that he will not hesitate to get mad at you, that thing will never happen in driving school. I know I still have some mistakes but what do you expect from a first timer? I am still in the stage of "get use to it" I am still setting my mind with those pedals, gears and everything! Sigh! Hope I could still practice driving, I don't wanna pay for driving school anymore. I hope I could meet someone that could help me practice =)

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