Mar 27, 2010

My Brother's Graduation...Finally!

I can't imagine and I can't still believe my brother Jessie is already a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Restaurant and Management graduate! Yes indeed! He graduated just this morning with Me at Philippine International Convention Center =)

If you only knew how he surpass every trials that he had been through. He is the so called "black sheep" of the family. He is very naughty, very "pasaway", I thought he will become "tambay, lasenggero and yosi kadiri" guy forever (though he's still yosi kadiri and sometimes lasenggero till now, lols.), I was losing my hope for him before. He loses his track and I guess that's because we have no father to guide and look after him. I can't blame him for being like that before and I am very disappointed with myself as an eldest among 4 siblings for letting those things happen to him. Especially when he almost got killed. He was stubbed by his so called "friend", he was hospitalized for almost 2 months and I thought that was his end already. I am so scared losing another family member. Thank God he survived. I really believe God has given him another chance and so he did. One day, few months after he was finally checked out from the hospital, he told me he wants to go back to school. He's no longer ashamed of his age (he doesn't want to go back to school before because of his age) praise God!
I am a working college student that time, my salary is not that big but I know I can support my brother in God's help. He enrolled as 2nd year high school, I tried every motivation I could give him. I bought him nice bags, nice notebooks and pens. In God's grace, he finished until college! Thanks to my loving husband who's been very kind and supportive. He's my strength. He's giving me more courage to strive harder for my family. And now I can give my 100% attention to my kids and husband. Hope he could get a good job in the future so he could able to help our pamangkins. My other brother wants to go back to school also...hope he could pursue his dreams. I am still willing to help but this time, I should focus on my own family. Thank you Lord for your blessings and guidance all the time.
Congratulations my dear brother Jessie! I'm sure wherever our Papa is now, I'm sure he's so happy and proud!

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congrats to your bro :D

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