Mar 15, 2010

To All The People I Love....

I am so sleepy now, it's already 11:15 in the evening and I don't wanna sleep yet. As I've said I am sleepy but I am afraid to go to sleep for I am having a chest pain. It's different among chest pain I've ever experienced. It's in the middle of my chest and it's aching. I can still breath don't worry. I justwanna blog it whatever happens atleast I have written it here. Last Saturday night I had this feeling again ....I feel like I'm gonna see the sun rise no more. I don't know and I can't explain why I am feeling that way. I don't have any sickness/diseases (as far as I know) but I am so afraid to die yet. I can't sleep that night...I am thinking of things that might happen if I die that night. Just like today....same feeling I got. It's been 14 minutes and my chest is still in pain. Everybody is sleeping already except for EThan my son coz he can't sleep if I am not beside him. I don't wanna bother anybody. I know God will do something in case anything happens. Right now I have to stay awake first coz I don't wanna sleep having this chest pain. My father died sleeping, same with my Lola(dad's mom)...I don't wanna die without saying goodbye to my love ones but I don't wanna die in pain too! Oh please God please heal this chest pain now so I can sleep and have a great morning tomorrow...
I love my husband, I love my kids Ishi and EThan, I love my Mom, my brothers and sister and their kids...I love my friends...I love every people that touches my life. I love you all most especially my husband!

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