Mar 22, 2010

Pagudpod Summer Vacation

Hays! My mind wants to blow at the moment. I was planning for a vacation with my family to relax, bond and enjoy but then I was having a hard time doing it. I should relax after this! Gosh! It's hard to plan when your resources is limited. We we're suppose to rent a self driven car but most of the cars we're sooo damn expensive! Ahahahah! We we're just going to rent a car there in Laoag so we could go visit some tourists spots in Paoay, Batac then Pagudpod.I am excited and nervous coz I was the one making our itinerary and I feel so FAILED because I didn't plan it well. We came up planning to stay in Pagudpod for 2 days after our tour but I haven't reserve any rooms for us to stay yet. Most of the resort were all fully booked on that day! Waaaaaah!! Where are we going to sleep if ever? Some people I have talked to said there were "home stay" there. These are actually house for rent. Hope we could get one on thursday. We're like "chance passenger" ahahahah!! =P Well, let's just see how are we going to spend our vacation..Goodluck! =P

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Sherry said...

I told my dear I want vacation he say no money no talk :( some more he busy with work

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