May 28, 2009

My Mind is Getting Crazy Thinking of So Many Great Items in the Net!

Oh Gosh, I can't concentrate on what to buy first with so many things to choose from the internet. I am actually saving my money from PayPal for my future photo books, I can't buy any items yet unless it's cheap and until I get more opportunities in blogging. But I can't really resist browsing in the net and looking for so many irresistible items. Tell me if you can't resist to buy this monogrammed towel wraps? Oh gosh I think I'm addicted shopping online already. Good thing I don't have my own credit card, I am only using PayPal and I am really saving them for photo books first. Another thing I can't resist is this nap mats. Did you know how many times I peeped on this product and thinking ways how to earn money to buy them? Heheheheh! I really love them, napmat and towel, they're match! Oh I hope I could earn more for this! I really love to buy this and the personalized plates and placemats for children that I've been longing for a month already! Oh help me God!


Sherry said...

wow these are so cute!!

Sherry said...

hows your computer? hope its okay soon :)

onlinemommy said...

This one is nice :)

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