May 28, 2009

Planning to Take Broker's Exam in the Future

Mary Ann, my manager in real estate is having a review for her upcoming Broker's License Examination. I'm sure she'll pass that exam and become a broker in the future already. That is actually my dream, to become a licensed broker in realty. I wanted to put up my own team and have higher commission rate. But I don't think I have to get one already coz' I am still a newbie in this field. I am also thinking of other business aside from this one. I know being realtor is actually a good job for me and I wanted to pursue this career but I still want to have other business. I just don't know what business is that. My co-agent asked me a while ago if I am interested in putting up a business with him. I actually don't know what to say because first of all I don't have a capital yet and I don't know what business is fit for us. And now, I was bothered, thinking and then browsing thru net about business. This is what I found and learn for this day...have you heard of BAMentor site already? These are for business analyst, and if you have business, these analyst are the ones you have to approach for you to succeed in your business. Most of the business analyst need to get CBAP Certified for only 6 weeks course for $600 for th public and $345 for IIBA members. There are lots of courses now to be offered so nothing to worry for the upcoming exams, I think if I will decide to get a broker's examination, there's also a review center like this for me. I am really afraid to take exams again, thanks to this kind of institution offering a hand.

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Sherry said...

good idea of taking the exam. My sis wanted to take that exam but was told its gonna be tough and cert only last a few year then you need to take exam again!

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