May 31, 2009

One More YEar To GO!

Last May 26, 2009 is our 12th month downpayment for our condo unit in Berkeley Residences Quezon City. I am getting more excited for I only have to wait another twelve months and it's turn over time! But aside from excitement I am feeling right now, I am also worrying with somethings like our processing fee before the turn over date amounting to Php100,969.41 and If we we're able to loan in the bank for the balance. We were worrying bout the financing coz we can't afford to pay it thru In house they have so much interest compared to bank. Anyway, we're doing something about that already. We're focusing now on how to start with the rentng business next year. Where and how are we going to look for a client to rent. I think I'll be needing a Real Property Management so that I can still have more time for my own realty business. I don't know yet the policies and how to handle a tenant. I think a property management will help me a lot with it. Gosh...I am thinking so hard in advance.


Sherry said...

hi jes, I think entrecard not allow blog having songs play.

Sherry said...

my sis apartment I just paid for her maintenance $175 need to pay every 3 mths

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