May 15, 2009

My 3rd Order Form Artscow

I received a promo from artscow 2 weeks ago a 5pcs custom 8*10 prints for only $.99 free shipping! Who can't resist that kind of promo? I hurriedly made 5 personalized layouts and placed my order immediately last may4 2009. Today may 15, 2009, i received it via airmail. Coolness! I made layouts for my brother's family picture, his daughters aliyyah and alynnah, for my sister's daughter Jeszerie and for lola Nanay (my hubby's lola in father's side). I hope I could receive another promo again soon so i could make another cool layouts. Here's some pics of my 3rd order:


Sherry said...

hi jes, I think you should try your luck in this contest

its chosen using random and this blog of yours I think can take part. contest ends tomorrow!!

asianpopper_gaelle said...

wOow.. omorder ka ulit?.. niice.

cpsanti said...

how nice! so they printed the stuff for you? charming! ;-)

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