Jun 3, 2009

How's My Business?

Oh well, I am still working so hard...keep on waiting for the clients to decide. Keep on answering their queries, giving guidelines and offering some help. I wish I could close more deals this month and for the succeeding months to go. I am now busy with the new additional project I am selling. I went to tagaytay last Monday for site orientation and I love that place! Tagaytay is one of the tourist spots in our country and it is really great to stay there if you want to relax. Though it's raining this month, the place is still wonderful! I am now handling more projects from different developers and sometimes I am getting confuse with the house models, features, rules and sometimes with my clients. Hahahahahah it s so fun to stay in Real Estate business! Everything is NEW and surprising! I was also dreaming of becoming an agent in other country like in Arizona where Scottsdale real estate is located. Because I wanted to try selling properties in other country too! But I think I need to learn more here in the philippines first.

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