Jan 26, 2009

WS : Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Community Sponsored 200 kids' 1st Communion

Eucharistic Heart Of Jesus Community sponsored two hundred kids from different schools on their 1st communion held at Concepcion Church Malabon City last Saturday, January 24, 2009. My mother in-law is an active member of the said community. She's been a member for so many years now and my husband and I were being part of this community now. I was there that day to let ISHI watch the kids taking their first communion and help with whatever things I can do without taking out my sight to my kids. The lola being excited asked my daughter to wear one of the gala they provided for the kids that taking first communion. Hahahha visit my kid's blog to see how she looks like.
Anyway, this community provided mostly everything kids needed, their uniform, certificates and even their snack. Here are some of the pictures I have taken while taking care of my two "kulit" kids....Here's My In-laws with my kids....waiting for the program to get started.

The community helping kids wear their uniform they provided......

And the mass began....the kids finally had their first communion.

After their communion, they had their snack.

after playing around the church..... my kids were so tired so they had their snack too....

Picture taking with the Community Member and Concepcion Church staff
(I am wearing brown shirt and maong shorts at the right, my children were with my in-laws)

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