Jan 10, 2009

Toy Hunt : Small Toys

Hi toy hunters!!! I just wanna share with you that aside from having My Little Angels a PR2, I am so happy that this blog got a page rank just yesterday!!! =) Hoooray! Good luck to all of us bloggers who were monetizing their blog! Good Luck to us!!! More Opps to come!!!
Anyway here's my entry for this week's theme - Small toys!MILO OLYMPICS Collection


I got this from every 1kilo pack of MILO powdered drink I've been buying. I only collected 7 items, these are only five because I can't find the others' stands. They were cute. They were like 2 inches tall. They are really small!My kids don't know how to play them. They keep on removing the stand and make kalat everywhere! Hays!! =) Check my other blog for more small toys!


pehpot said...

Oh we have the same toy for this week's toy hunt theme! check the story behind mine.

Twinkie said...

Milo toys galore! :D

Ang swerte nila Ishi at Ethan dahil Milo drinkers talaga kayo as I've read through Pehpot's. :)

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