Jan 24, 2009

"Me, Myself andJes" New Look!!!

I got a new look for my Me, Myself and Jes blog!!!! I am actually thinking for a new header but I dunno how to start it. I am not good in designing and not that good in photoshops, sigh! While thinking I decided to try a new template. And I found a nice one. Hay, finally I am okay with it and I don't have to think of a new header anymore.
And yes, I want to introduce you to my NEW but old blog - House Finder Philippines!!! It's all about the properties I am selling. I haven't post the other projects yet but if you're interested in buying you can send me an email or just click on my YM button at my sidebar to leave an inquiry. Thanks!!!

I already have three blogs now:
Me, Myself and Jes
My Little Angels
House Finder Philippines


Sherry said...

hi Jes, wanna ask in Pinay got celebrate chinese new year?

Chris said...

hello jes... you can get a new header much cheaper than the one you told me about :)

i can refer to you several links if you like.

happy weekend!

My Birthday!

Our Wedding Anniversary