Jan 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

I still can't concentrate blogging until this time....I'm still tired. Yeah I'm still tired and feeling not well. Yes I'm kinda sick....I have fever and colds. We had lots of schedules during the Holidays. We went to my kids Ninangs(godmothers) and Ninongs (godfathers) for 3 consecutive days. Ahh my kids enjoyed their gifts anyways and thats worth it! After christmas we stayed at Laguna for 2days, night swiming and karaoke sing along.... and baby sitting! Do i have a choice? Nanny's (my mom was the one taking and she has to spent holiday with my brothers and sister) off! Hehhehee =) After that swimming I felt very bad when we came home, maybe because of the night swimming and we slept in an aircon room (not get used to it) aside from being tired of taking care of my two kids. That's al for today folks! I have to sleep now and take a rest! Will post more pics last christmas and new year next time! Have a phosperous NEW YEAR to all of us!!! More blessings to come!! More Opps!! =)

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Enchie said...

Happy New Year Jes!!! pareho tayo hindi pa din ako makapag ng 100% may hang over pa.he!he!he!

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