Jan 13, 2009

WS : Christian Wedding

SATURDAY January 10, 2009, were in Ms. Pheng's house to give each others (child) gift. SUNDAY January 11, 2009 My hubby and I attended a wedding today together with ms. Pheng again!
This is my fourth time to attend a christian wedding if I am not mistaken. The first was my uncle's wedding at Bible Bethel in Valanzuela then my cousin's at MAX's restaurant and my younger sister's wedding in their garden. And now JEM's wedding, my hubby's former officemate ....I love the venue - Gazebo Royale! Very romantic! I love the settings and the motif of pink and brown combination! I love the story on how they met and became lovers. I am also amazed with the dancing waiters of Tamayo Catering. Hahahah! I had so much fun watching them dance to the tune of Papaya. Never seen a dancing waiter before in a wedding or in any kind of occasion! Great idea!

Want to share some of our pics here.........

Ms. Pheng and I

Newly Wed JEM and DADA with my hubby and I

Me, My hubby, Hubby's Boss Rolds and his Wife Anne my Boss, and Ms. pheng hubby's former boss, my co blogger and kumare

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