Jan 22, 2009

Emotionally Not Feeling Well

Hayz.......I really don't understand myself nowadays. I am sometimes okay but sometimes feeling ... i don't know. I am trying to be happy but no I am not!!! I am happy with my kids, especially with my husband but there's something missing. I don't know really....don't bother to ask coz i really don't know the answer. I just wanna write about it!!! Thats it!!! Haaaaay!!!! I want to cry but I can't figure out the reason of these tears that really wanna come out from my eyes at this moment! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!


teppei said...

Could I link and put your article on my blog?

Jes said...

yes you can..i replied here because i cannot access your name =) tnx

teppei said...

Nice, it is very nice.Thank you!! Why?

Jes said...

your welcome....i dunno why i cant access you profile...whenever i click your name it says profile not avalable =(

teppei said...

Hi,Jes. Now you could access my name. The cause is I donot open it.

Renz said...

Hi Jes

I can totally relate. Maybe it comes with being a MOM and being at home most of the time? I do feel this way often too. Maybe we just need a break?

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