Jan 16, 2009

Unbelievable Life in Blogosphere!

There are lots of GRAY opps today in PPP....some were priced okay but some were so low! I just can't understand why whenever I saw a gray opps that suddenly turned into white opps (gray means - Opportunity is Available to You, but All Posts Fully Reserved and white means - Opportunity is Available to You) and try to grab it... all I can get is "All of the available posts for that opportunity have already been taken". Unbelievable isn't it? Is this because my net connection is so slow or my co bloggers were very fast as I could ever imagine? Hehhehe =) One blink of an eye and the available post is gone!! Hahahahha! I am so lucky awhile ago to grab a $7 opp....hopefully advertisers will aprove it! I am just a noob in here and I dunno yet what to do with some grabbing technique. I am just trying my luck here, trial and error. I have already experienced to be rejected by an advertiser and I don't wanna happen it again!
I am really enjoying this stuff, grabbing an opp and earning minimum of $5 pero post or sometimes $.50 hehehe. That's okay because if you're goint to accumulate it in 1 month, you're like receiving a minimum wage salary. Hehehheh! Relating these things to your personal life hahahah cool! How I wish I could earn more than this! And at the same time learn more in blogosphere and meet new friends! I am considering some of the bloggers here that are interested in my posts as my new friends. Because they know about me already, they were reacting in my posts too! I love the feeling! Whatever is the real reason I really apreciate their visit and coments to my site. I love blogosphere!!! I love blogging! I love my co bloggers!!!


teppei said...

Me,too. From here, we have open a new sight of the world.

Sherry said...

the amount offer from ppp 50 cents so little. I rather not take it. YOu know here we cannot withdraw money out to bank direct. must go through credit card and each time if withdraw will deduct paypal $5 in account of paypal

Sherry said...

once a blogger told me that in pinay there is paypal bank? is it? mean you can withdraw money out from paypal. Do they charge? you know even I win the contest there is interest charges from paypal. I not understand why oso.

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