Jul 16, 2010

Operation Lose Weight Week 2

Hays…been two weeks now…my body is still aching especially when I tried GYM instead of Aero yesterday because there’s no electric power in most of the cities in Manila so there’s no Aero session.

And also Been wondering about my weight, in other weighing scale I was 118 lbs, but everytime I check it in the Gym’s weighing scale, I’m only 112lbs. Ahhh…I’m confused.

Anyways, this morning, Friday, I was planning to go to the gym again hoping my body pains would go away =P but instead of going to the gym, I went to Let’s Face It to have a Facial =)) I also went to INDEX salon to have a foot spa, pedicure and manicure. Oh what a relief! I love to have a massage too but no more time. I decided to go home and brought my kids some “pasalubong”.

Oh I miss my husband! He’s always with me when having facial and foot spa and whole body massage!

I was so bored today so I thought of experiencing some “ME time” today. But instead of having fun, I only missed my husband so much. =(

But I am going to the gym today…there’s an Aerobics every Mon, Wed and Fri. Can’t attend Aero every Saturday coz it’s Kids time! Hay yay yay…have to prepare my things now…got to go!

Next week again! =)


Just finished working out in the Gym…I also got a massage…hays! Sarap! Nyt!

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