Jul 21, 2010

CC : Pur Hobbies Together

Rodliz’s Nest

Couple's corner once again! Another chance of sharing my husband and Me's thing =)
So today's topic is hobbies.
Husband and I have lots of things we wanted both. I believe you'll never last together or never be together if you don't have something in common. One thing you love to do together that's why you bond more often.
When we started building our family, we seldom go out and spend money for leisure. We once in a while watching movies in movie houses but most of the time, we were watching at home using our laptop. We often do it every night before we sleep. We were watching downloaded series. During weekends we're still watching movies. I so love doing it with him, I don't wanna watch movie without him. So now that he's far, I miss watching with him so much.
Another thing is we both love playing some games in computer, but ever since we're using only one PC at home, we are not playing together anymore. I remember before we got married we're staying in computer shop for almost 6-8 hours playing online =))
Aside from watching, we love singing in videoke too!
Oh I miss him so much! =)
Happy CC everyone!


Rossel said...

top of the lists na yang movies. sarap naman kaseng manoon na magkasama kayo at sa bahay lang habang may minamunch na chips.

di bale, sis. bawi ka na lang pag-uwi nya. you can see my entry here...


tatess said...

mahilig din kaming maglaro together ng games ni hubbby .favorite namin dati yung Feeding Frenzy at iba pa pero ngayon puro down loade movies na lang at tv series.

Mommy Liz said...

oo nga, parang ang dami ng hobby ang watching movies (downloaded movies) hehehe. buti na lang at kumikita pa nag mga sinehan, hahaha! I know miss mo na honey mo, well, ganon talaga, sacrifice lang po muna, bukas makalawa, dito na rin kayong lahat sa US. Thanks for joining, wag ka masyadong malungkot dyan..

kha said...

"never be together if you don't have something in common"

I beg to disagree sis sa line mo na to...hehehe kasi kami ultimately opposite.. natutunan na lang yung hobbies together dahil sa magical love at eventually naging hobbies together..hahaha keso keso noh..

sis mukhang addict ka rin sa on line games ah..hihihi..6-8 hours wow! do you play RPG's ? magkakasundo kayo ni huny.. pareho kayong kaya magtagal ng ganun sa gaming..
here's my share
fond reading CC's
Happy CC! :D

AC said...

wow! 6-8 hours gaming? pag talaga may mga nakasanayan ka ng ginagawa nyo ng magkasama, hirap pag nagkalayo... mamimiss at mamimiss mo, pero ok din yun sis para mas maging sweet kayo pag nagkasama na ulit... Here's Mine

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