Jul 2, 2010

CC : My Dream Man

Rodliz’s Nest

My Dream Man....I can't remember if I had one.
When I was in high school, my type of man was just simple, I want him dark, tall, older than me, "basagulero" weird...been looking for that? Yeah I am! I am crazy with men that has vices, always with black eye after making away ahahahaha =))
I feel like they more romantic, they are hard headed but soft hear-ted. In short, "maginoo pero medyo bastos" is my ideal man and that's because of Robin Padilla! =))

I had some eX that has this kind of characteristics but we didn't last, of course! I like him but my relatives and friends don't like him! =P What do I expect?! SO after that eX, i decided to change my type. This time, ung mabait naman! =P Pero hindi din...di lahat ng mabait ay mabait talaga.

(Latest pic of HIM in USA via webcam)

Wala akong list kung anu ang perfect man para sakin...but when my husband came, I feel like My DREAM man is finally here. I'm comfortable with him, I am not afraid to tell him the truth. I am not afraid to show who I really am. He loves everything in me and even my surroundings. He accepted my family, my status in life and my personality. He is not showy but he's loving in his own special way. He may not giving me flowers but he makes me feel "kilig" most of the time. I may searching for somethings other man has but he is the only one who's making me complete and fulfilled. I guess being HIMSELF and HE himself is the only thing that makes my world go round. Not romantic things I've longing from a guy. It's just HIM, his presence, his smell, his arms around me,, his lips on my lips and his voice is enough. I love my husband so much. I am just "mapag hanap" but I am not asking him to be like any other guy coz he's unique. He's already PERFECT! He's the MAN in my DREAMS always and forever. =)


Sherry said...

sis I write this at loveandthoughts.com

oh yeah giveaway at iluvcontest.blogspot.com :D

Mommy Liz said...

Wow naman ha, ka sweet. Kaya ka pala iyak ng iyak kasi nasa USA na si hubby mo. Hehehe.. Alam mo, wala kasing perfect na tao eh saka parang ang mga hubbies natin eh perfect sa ating personalities di ba?

Maka Robin ka pala dati, sabagay, badboy image yun hehehe. But instead, you married a super bait guy di ba? I am so glad that you are happy with your marriage.. Thanks for joining our CC.. looking forward to next week's entry.

Sherry said...

sis yeah me from Malaysia :D

no work just full time blogger :D

webcam so useful but I will cry if my dear use it wrongly. He did before and I am scare he do again.

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