Jul 7, 2010

CC: I'm out and He's in Charge

Whew! New blogosphere eh!? Meaning NEW things to learn again? Oh….I hate changes but I have no choice but to change =) Changing means growth and development.

I have to buy domain and have it hosted so I have to change from blogspot to wordpress.

When I was new to blogspot, I had fun learning about it. Thanks to the other bloggers then who are willing to help, answering my questions and giving me tips. I love them so much!

Now I feel like I’m back to zero! Oh please help me wordpress bloggers!!! =))

I have to do this because I wanted to do paid posts again! I miss earning moolah online! But I still have to do things first before I get into that point. Next step: Gain PR1!

Thanks again Mommy Rubz!!! I really really appreciate your help! =)

God Bless you and your Family!

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