Jul 9, 2010

Operation Lose Weight Week 1

Hayst…it’s so frustrating to know that I weight 54kilos/118 lbs now from 90 lbs when I was still single and the last time I check my weight was 101 lbs, oh I almost forgot that’s 1 year ago. (Sigh)

What have I done to myself? Lately I feel so bloated but I am not giving attention to it for I’ve been busier with so many things than to go to the gym. Lately, I’ve been hearing long lost friends saying “oh jes ikaw ba yan? di kita nakilala tumaba ka!” and that is so devastating.

I’ve been wanting to go to the gym but the problem is the budget. Instead of spending it to the gym, I’d rather save it for my kids needs. I know, I know I can exercise at home, but duh?! that’s boring if you were dancing alone ayt? =P Now that husband is in US I guess I can spend a little more time and money for my self ayt? =) He was actually happy when he heard I was attending aero again.

I’ve been attending aerobics and gym for the past 4 years of my life, on and off. Got bored with the aerobics coz the steps are almost just the same every session. So I stopped for a while and concentrate in gym. But gym is more boring if you have no company.

But this time, no choice but have to! I really have to lose weight! I am no longer aiming for 90lbs…95-100lbs will do =)

Just started this week, last Tuesday I attended aerobics, the next morning I got sick! =P Yesterday, Thursday I attended again and now my hips are aching lols. Hope to attend again on Saturday =)

Gym and Aero are sometimes boring so I was looking for an alternative. I’m considering boxing. Especially now that there’s a newly opened Elorde in Monumento. I’m afraid but I wanna try it. Just have to arrange my schedule.

Aside from exercise, of course I have to set a diet. Less rice in breakfast and lunch, oatmeal for dinner. But still have to eat something for merienda like coffee and some bread. ;D

I feel like I am going to collapse already. =))

But I have to do it. I really need to do it. I have to love myself again.

So please Help me GOD =)

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