Nov 26, 2010

I Miss the OLD days....with SRV friends.

I was out again last night...not so far away from home, I was just within the village chit chatting with neighbor friends. I was doing it for 2 months now after a long long years of staying at home, trying to be a good MOM and wife. I'm OFF with that for the meantime, I guess I have to give my self a little break (Just like what my husband used to say "lumabas ka naman kasi minsan" )
I am going out at weekend nights and staying with friends outside. It's relaxing, having someone to talk to even we're just talking about nothing, nonsense jokes, etc. Just having fun and it was FUN. Just as simple as that.
Last night one friend told us about what her boyfriend did to her. That was terrible so she broke up with him.
So that night we talked about nonsense things again aside from the sharing of a friend. We talked about how our different love story began, and how it ends or how it keeps growing. It's nice and funny when you talked about things like that from the past. How you became so much in love with each other and then suddenly you part ways because you're in love with somebody else. How you suffered from it and now you're laughing at yourself because you looks crazy back then. There are different stories we've shared last night and end up sipping Mc Float at Mc Donalds while again telling different stories. We were just kidding around but it makes a lot of sense to me. It is FUN to remember things. Neither BAD or GOOD.

Pics taken during Nining's Bday

(pics taken during Mhel's homecoming from Korea)

I will not forget how I became "tambay" in SRV (sto. Rosario Village), when hubby and I were just BF-GF, we almost live in some friends' house, drinking, chit chatting, party-ing etcetera. I miss the old days...I miss everything, they are always be in my memories. How I wish I could join Emo chat room so I could share this stuff.
I love these people I am mingling with right now, you don't need to pretend. Just be who you are and they will accept you. I don't have to pretend like I am so behaved and all, I don't have to please them, just being ME.
THIS IS ME, I am not a socialite trying to become SOSYAL just to please somebody and protect someone's reputation. That's SHIT!!! I hate it! I wanna be FREE and ACT as ME. Who cares!

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