Nov 4, 2010

Divisoria Visit

Hi there GT people!!! I'm sorry I was absent for so long...I wanna join this week!!

Gosh, Divisoria is such a heaven to all shopaholic who have money and a hell to a shopaholic who doesn't have enough money like me!!!

Ishi's Birthday is gonna be next Sunday already and I feel like I am cramming already!

Just got home from Divisoria, I already bought toys from Toy Kingdom yesterday for party favors and prizes but I still have to go to Divisoria for lootbags and giveaways. There are so many stuff there! They are all lovely but I have to choose only a couple of them and so I spent my time looking around for almost 5 hours! I keep on walking and walking and comparing prizes then I've finally decided when I got to see more fitted in a POOL theme...a bubbles and a water gun and some additional stuff!

I also bought balloons for decorations, sticker name tags and more. I was trying to look for a cheap tarpaulin printing and I saw some fitness business cards instead, but I don't need them in the party so I continue walking and decided to finally go home!

If only I have bigger budget I will buy more than what I have bought today...I want so many stuff for kids there! It was tiring but I enjoyed buying toys for my Ishi's bday, I hope kids will like what will I be preparing for them. I want Ishi's birthday to become a memorable one.

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Renz said...

I wish Ishi a Happy Birthday! Goodluck on your party!

My Birthday!

Our Wedding Anniversary