Nov 13, 2010

Mommy Moments: Favorite Color

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I was wondering if favorites, likes or preferences can be inherited?! I know these are not character traits but somehow, I feel like it can be inherited. Coz you know why? My husband's favorite color is blue and mine is yellow. Surprisingly, when Ishi turns two and starting to choose what she likes and what she doesn't like, we have noticed that she's fond into BLUE. We never told her our favorite colors but I guess she's unconsciously noticing it from his dad without telling her. Until now, she's so inlove with BLUE stuff, from toothbrush, toys, dresses, characters, etc. When she saw a thing that is blue, she's like "oh mommy BLUE, my favorite!" :) But in dresses even she really loves blue, I used to buy her pink of course! Blue dresses are few, I have ni choice. But one time we're looking for a tinkerbel costume of hers and peter pan for Ethan, which they're about to wear in halloween party last 2009, the plan was ruined because she saw a "Cinderella Costume" which happened to be blue and we have no choice but to give what she really wants. That was the first time Ishi and Ethan wasn't pair in costumes coz we end up having Batman costume for Ethan :)
She really loves BLUE but she knows that sometimes, she still had to choose other color. Like when someone gave them toys and it happened to be blue and pink, she has no choice but to get the pink one because she knows pink can't be for ETHAN because she knows PINK is for girls LOL.
(This is our newly painted room, 2 months ago, she chose to have this color of our room, she chose blue and pink. Good thing Ethan didn't request for yellow coz we will surely end up having all the rainbow colors. LOL)

Ethan's favorite color is YELLOW. Can you believe that??? Hubby and I were really surprised. Ethan's favoritism started to manifest when he also turns 2. Since he can't have blue stuff because he knows blue is for her Ate, he chose YELLOW :) Sometimes he loves green too. Most of their stuff were color coded and they both understand that if it's blue, it's ate's and if it's green or yellow it's Ethan's. And in some instance if the only colors left were green and yellow, still, yellow is for Ethan and Ate will choose green. They know how to respect that already and I am so happy about them respecting each other. I find my kids so cute having their stuff with same colors...I will not be surprised if one day even our ceiling fans and other appliances will be color coded. =)
But favorite colors does not apply to their clothes yet unless they're the one buying it already. I am still choosing clothes for them. But since I know their favorite colors, I am sometimes looking for a clothes in their favorite color :)


AnneYP said...

i wish my kids' room is as tidy as your children's room. I am now a follower of your blog. :P

Chris said...

nice choice for room color :) i love it :)

Sherry said...

nice colour sis :D I like this colour

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