Nov 10, 2010

Birthday Planner MOM

It's nice to throw a party for your babies' birthday especially if you have enough budget for it. Choosing a theme is really a hard decision, sometimes you have to think for the theme that is "in" or in season.

The last time I panned a birthday party was 2005. It was Ishi's 1st birthday but it's not my first time already coz I have older nieces who had party before and I was the one who planned it. But Ishi's birthday is different, coz she's my daughter and it's really different when you were throwing your own daughter's party. It's like my first time. I am so tensed coz I want everything to be so perfect. But of course it didn't happen so perfectly. Ishi's theme that time was CARE BEAR, because in her age that was the only character she knows yet and she loved yet. Since it's not in season, I had a hard time looking for themed lootbags and give aways so I had them personally made by me. Even party hats were all made by me. My aunts decor the place, she's the one so good in balloon decors and she's the one taught me basics. Ishi 1st birthday was very unforgettable for me as a MOM. That was one of my accomplishment and I am so proud of myself.

After four years, time is really different now. I am planning but I have to ask her opinions, preferences etc first. I wasked what she wants on her birthday and we finally came up in swimming party. POOL party is fun for her because she loves swimming so much.

And so the planning starts a month ago....

I first ofcourse reserved the venue then create an invitation and then ordered her themed CAKE from Goldilocks. Thinking of loot bags and prizes was next. I went to DIVISORIA and bought some toys, I also visited SM to grab more toys, and then came back again to divisoria yesterday for some additional things.

I also bought balloons, I will decor the venue myself this time since I know how already and I've learned so many designs already.

I will be the one taking photographs too and my bother James will assist me. I am also done with my Tarpaulins, etc. All i have to do now is prepare the lootbags, prizes and other party favors.

My husband wants me to host this party also but I don't think I could do everything at the same time and so I decided to hire a host, a magician hosts in Hubert's Clown.

I hope everything will turn out well, I am praying to let GOD give us good weather on Ishi's BIG day so our expected guests will attend and celebrate with us.

I plan to chat with husband that day so he could also see the event on going while watching PACMAN! :)) I will just set my howard miller clock so I could see the time when he's ready to go online :)

I have to end up here for a while...I'll be back soon to blog more preparations. Goodluck to me!

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Jona said...

wow it really becomes more exciting when you're the one who personally did all the preps. I know it's going to be fun jes :D

m starting planning also right now for my youngest son's 3rd bday.

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