Jun 19, 2010

Girls Talk : My Emplty Wallet =P

I almost missed it! But I'm here catching up guys! Sorry for the late posts. Been busy these past few days, my husband left for US this morning and I am so busy preparing his stuff. (sad) Been experiencing depression coz I am missing him so much already, good thing there's meme like this to do so I could forget him for awhile.

My wallet is empty! Seriously...it's big and bulky but instead of seeing money inside, you'll be seeing pictures, cards, receipts, etc. No Money no Honey! =(
Oh well who knows, I might win in this random contest here in girlstalk and fill my empty wallet with moolah!? =P
That's all I can share, can't take a pic of my wallet, my camera is in "autistic mode", he's not functioning again! Gosh! I really need to have a new one soon =)


niko said...

aw thats sad. san nagpunta si hub? :(

anyways, thanks naman kasi GT made u happy.. kahit depress ka go pa rn sa GT :) kakataba ng puso girl. thanks ha! :)

bdw, next Thursday will be my last stint as the host of Girls Talk, I shall see you with your post on what’s inside your bag.. can’t wait to see your fab bag actually.. =)

please stay tuned for the revelation on who will be the new host and the new home of GT starting july.. but I still will be joining GT so I shall not miss your post!

Thanks for joining and for all your support at GT. Happy weekend girl!

Sherry said...

yeah no money no talk too.

Sherry said...

I miss my dear everyday he works late and these days we not talk much too.

his mom ask me to go stay over her place for a week end of year. I just know I will be bored there as away from him for a week, come on I know I cannot do it. I like my place better as I have more freedom.

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