Jun 10, 2010

Girls Talk : Vanity Kit

Gosh! Vanity kit?! I'm surely a girl but I am not into make ups....I am putting some occasionally or when needed.
I remember buying one when my daughter turned two but I gave them to my sister in law. My daughter loves putting make up that time. My mom-in-law initiated it and now she's addicted with it. But like what I have said I am not into make ups, so I guess she forgot about it already. =P
But of course as a woman I needed something that could make me feel fresh, look and smells good all the time.
Here's some of my stuff to enhance my natural beauty. (naks) =P

If there's one thing I wouldn't want to run out, it's the deodorant, next is lotion. They are the two important things inside that vanity kit.
I can't live the day without deodorant haha I don't want my armpit to perspire all day. Hahaha!
Lotion coz my skin is dry. Of course comb is important too.
Others were mascarra incase I need it. 2 kinds of lipstick, 1 for occassion, 1 for ordinary day if I want to apply some. Eyeliner, lip balm, blush on, toothbrush (no toothpaste coz it might spill in my bag), powder, cologne and mirror (the small round thing with hubby and I pics I ordered from artscow).

That's all! =)


charmie said...

that's a girl need sis for daily use, wearing make up depende lang pupuntahan..

thanks for dropping by mine

Lynn said...

thanks for the compliment and yes, pareho tayo, i'm not into make-up too. mas simple, mas ok, diba? hehe.

Genejosh said...

marami na tayong di mahilig sa make-up ...weeehhh..we just have this stuff to enhance nga our natural beauty..i agree with you girl with this fact:)

Miranda said...

It's a survival kit. :) Bringing deodorant is a good idea, especially now that rainy season is back and it's possible to get stranded somewhere.
Cute mirror by the way!

Sherry said...

mine is up http://lurvevertyhing.com/?p=473

hehe... mine is so little. ;(

zoan said...

hmmmm yan pala, yang lotion ang kailangan ko na wala sa vanity kit ko.. ill take note of that

Vernz said...

ma-try nga yan si artscow... di pa ako nakatry... ahihihi...

Joined GT too HERE

♥♥♥ PRETTYMOM ♥♥♥ said...

being natural is beautiful. sali ako dyan!..hehe

madami lang ako make ups pra dami pag pipilian in case gusto ko tlgang magpaganda ng bongga.. hahaha

but still wala p ring tatalo s natural beauty.. yan ang Pinay!

nuts said...

you're a lover of VS din pala.. i love the smell, it lasts long di ba..hihi di na kelangang ng pinay any enhancement, iba ang gandang pinay! :)

ACmomCee said...

aba pangalawang beses ko na nakita si artscow, parang gusto ko itry... hahaha!!!

buti ka nga may lipstick, mascara blush... naku, nakita mo naman ang akin, talagang baby powder lang, buti nga meron pa akong lip and cheek tint... and enhancing our natural beauty are the right words talaga... naks! haha!!!

Marice said...

nice kit sissy :) and deo? nice tip!

u may view mine here

gorgeous_MHE said...

Ay sis pareho tayo, lotion is one thing that I coudn't live without. hehehe

Happy Girls Talk...

niko said...

could let the day pass by without lotion and deo too my dear!! =) apir tau jan! hihih

anyways, thanks for joining GT!!! See u next week, can’t wait to see what’s inside your WALLET! Enjoy your weekend girl!

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niko said...

couldn't un hahhaha

anube nakalimutan ang NOT hihih

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