Jun 29, 2010

Me, Myself and Jes Blog is now Moving Up!

Hi there bloggers! Post paid writers! I miss writing ops already!
Guess what!? I bought a domain for this blog already!!! Hooray..finally!
A year ago I always writing paid ops, 2 dollars to 17 dollars per article, no matter how many words they demand to me, I am willing to accept them. I'm not choosy in any ops given to me. I am always eager to write coz writing is one of my passion (not good in constructing though). My mind is full of things to write, and that articles are becoming moolah, moolah that I've spent mostly in photobooks. My artscow products are from my earnings in paid posts! Except for now. Coz starting when my laptop failed and has to stay in shop for almost three months all of my clients/advertisers were gone. Companies changed policies, changed qualifications, etc. My blogs from PR2, PR1 became N/A and 0. So sad =(
Now, I am trying to apply my blogs to those new companies but they are not accepting it. Tried bidding in Buy blog, sponsored, etc. but they are choosing me no more! =(
I've just known from blogger friends that one of the qualifications now is to have your own domain! Been thinking it lately but never had any idea how to start and I've been very kuripot to spend money for my blog...and so Mommy Rubz came. Thanks to Pehpot initiating Baby Bella's fund raising . If not for fund raising, I might not think of buying a domain and have it hosted ... (I'm so kuripot). I really wanna help Mommy Rubz, atleast in this way, I can contribute some for Baby Bella.
So there! I have my own domain for me, myself and jes!!! ;D Next step...hosting and transferring contents to wordpress (sabi ni Mommy Rubz) =)
Way to go Ops! =)

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