Dec 8, 2008

WS3 : New Laptop - Dad's Treat for His Self!

Our weekend this past few weeks were kinda hectic hehehe good for me that I have already shopped gifts during weekdays coz' I don't wanna disturb my hubby during weekend. I know he's tired from work and I know that he wants to relax by just staying at home. But last Saturday night we have to attend anticipated mass in Quezon City. Were with my hubby's parents, it's also their 27th anniversary so they treated us dinner together with some of our churchmates.
Sunday, daddy ask me for a date to accompany him buy a new laptop. Hehehe I'm still happy because we went out alone, without kids, it's actually just like a date for me and I miss this thing!

christmas gifts shopping partIII

While we were looking for a store that has this particular brand and model that my hubby was looking for, there's this promo girl asking us if we were using HSBC credit card. I answered "No, it's Citibank" and we continued walking but the girl still said "Okay lang po madam, me pinamimigay po kameng regalo sa mga gumagamit ng credit card" siyempre we've got attracted to the freebies although it was just a tumbler and we also want to try our luck with the raffle thing-y the promo girl was saying. She gave us this raffle entry to fill up, then ask us to go inside the department store kasi andun daw ung slot machine. But since we have to buy our laptop first, we just came back for the raffle. Then when we came back, we went inside the other building of the mall, hindi naman pala siya sa Dep't. Store kundi malapit lang sa Dep't Store, meron nakalagay "Family First" na sign. Ang sabi samin kasi, we we're just gonna play the raffle and if we won wala kameng ibang gagawin kundi mag testify na nanalo nga kame if ever! Pag dating dun sabi ng promo girl hihingan lng daw kame ng 45 mins para daw ipakilala ang company nila, they sad hindi kame bebentahan. But it's not what happened inside that "Family First" company. First of all, it's not 45 mins. umabot kame ng 2 hours, second hindi daw sila nag aalok but they we're asking us to invest in their company as "ipon" lang daw, hehehehehe what a trick. But I'm not against them, my husband and I just got irritated because we wanted to go out na kasi nag decline na nga kame and they still making us "kulit" to invest. It's a one day opportunity kasi, once you're there na saka ka mag decide if your investing or not kasi di ka na pedeng bumalik. Are you gonna invest that easily without thinking about it first? But I've seen some of the people invited there we're investing kaaagad. You have to give initial saving like 30K something yata. And there's some more option na binibigay kaya kahit na wala kang pera that time pede ka pa dn mag invest using your credit card. Hay, at least we experienced that kinda thing hehehe =)
My hubby busy installing OS and everything to his new baby.

After that very irritating experience, we transfered to the other mall coz we have to buy hubby's inaanak's request for christmas - a kiddie laptop. We visited Toys R Us coz I've already seen one there na cheap pero maganda. And some gifts para sa mga hindi ko pa nabilhan. Ako lang kasi ang namili mag isa last week kaya hindi ko mabili ng sabay-sabay lahat kaya this is my 3rd time na mamimili ulit, this time with my hubby. Next time para sakin naman ahahah! I want to shop with my hubby again and with the kids so maybe next week again! Hahaha!Before we went home we ate dinner at Kenny's (one of our favorite resto when we're still boyfriend and girlfriends).

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mukang enjoy sa shopping h.. thanks for the comments.. just so you know you are only 6 comments away from enshies, and you will ranked 3rd.. so comment some more ha.

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