Dec 13, 2008

Google Fun Tag

Thank you Ms. Enchie for such interesting and fun tag! I really did enjoy it!

The rules will start by using Google Images to search for your answers to the questions below. You must choose pictures from the first page from the results and post it as your answer.

1. Age Of My Next Birthday

2. Place/places I Would Like To Travel



disney land

Pagudpud Beaches @ Ilocos Norte

3. My Favorite Place
Laoag, Ilocos Norte, Phils.

4. A Favorite Thing

our Olympus FE270 digicam

5. My Favorite Food


Mc Do nuggets



6. My Favorite Color/s


7. The City I Reside Now

The "Water World" city of....


8. The City I Was Born

Valenzuela City

9. My College Major

10. Name of Your First Lover
- i forgot!? -

11. A Bad Habit

eating too much

12. A Hobby/Hobbies


13. My Wish List (max of 3)

travel/vacation in pagudpud

cellular phone (any brand)

and most of all.....

Good health for my family =)

Now I'm passing this to:
Pheng, Sherry, Sweetytots, Twinkie, Pining and Joy
Enjoy Ladies!!!! =)


Enchie said...

kakagutom yng favorite food na party. nagcrave ako ng spaghetti bigla ;) thanks for doing this fun tag. 'til our next :)

sweetytots said...

thanks for the tag.. but I hope you can make a link to my site.. thanks!

sweetytots said...

can you please send your contacts to me, so that I can ship you the Magnetic bear dress-up:

Shipping address:

Thanks, I might ship it you you ahead of time, so that your daughter will get it before Christmas. My only request is for you to continue commenting on my blogs at least 100 per day. The bonus prize pop-up books and activity books will be sent by the end of the contest.

Sherry said...

haha.. this is fun.. I will do soon.. can I do on other blog?

Jes said...

yes sherry you can do it anywhere blog of yours you want!! just tell me where i can read it hehehe =) thanks!

julliefer said...

saya naman nitong meme na to. cge gawin ko sya later pag di na ko toxic sa ofc. hehehe. wishful thinking. me similar tag na ganito before pero i think flickr or photobucket naman gamit na pang-search. :)

Sherry said...

hi jes, I not sure how this tag is done. where you find the pics?

Sherry said...

oh yeah check my blog I posted about giveaway


Sherry said... ends soon.. faster check to take part!!

pining said...

looks like good fun nga, thanks for the tag, now I've got something to do :-)

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